Australia’s ThinLinX Pty Ltd has been developing Thin Client and IoT Hardware & Software for over 15 years. More recently we have transitioned to TLXOS Software solutions which allows us to concentrate on developing the best value Thin Client, Digital Signage and IoT Gateway Software for existing high volume hardware such as Raspberry Pi’s, Intel Small Form Factor devices, and Re-Purpose PC’s and Laptops

TLXOS is a small down loadable custom Linux based Operating System with minimal hardware requirements needing less than 1GB of RAM and less than 2GB of storage to deliver high performance Desktops using Citrix HDX, VMware Horizon Blast and Microsoft RDP / RemoteFX.

Start your trial today by clicking on the Download Tab above, select a Download Mirror, click on the Version of TLXOS that you want to Trial. You should also download the ThinLinX Management Software (TMS) which is Free when used with any version of TLXOS. Many Raspberry Pi’s are shipped with a SD Card already installed with the NOOBS boot loader, TLXOS installation is now also available via the NOOBS boot loader. Just boot your RPi’s while tapping the Shift Key, select TLXOS from the OS List, click on install.

During the installation the TLXOS installer automatically Registers the 30 Day Free Trial with the ThinLinX License Server, you must be connected to the Internet with a DHCP Server on the local Network for the Free Trial to successfully Register your device.

See YouTube demo below explaining how to create a SD Card version of TLXOS for the Raspberry Pi using the ThinLinX SD Card solution



Creating a TLXOS USB Stick installer which is used for Intel based devices and Re-Purpose PC or Laptops is identical to the above demo with the only difference being that a different TLXOS installer image is downloaded and then the image is written to a USB Stick instead of an SD Card

ThinLinX Management Software (TMS) is a very powerful, scalable Management Console that allows TLXOS devices located anywhere in the World to be configured, updated via Hotfixes, or have complete Firmware upgrades installed from one central location. TMS consists of a TLXOS client side component and TMS itself, the latest TLXOS client side component is always integrated in each TLXOS release, this may be updated from time to time via a TMS client upgrade. TMS is available for Windows and Linux, TMS is also integrated into TLXADM which is a Free Virtual Appliance used for administration and Desktop Shadowing

ThinLinX has recently released a new much improved version 8.0.1 of TMS which has a corresponding 8.0.2 TLXOS client side which is already integrated into the current TLXOS 4.5.0 release. This allows access to all the new features of TMS 8.0.1.

Download TLXOS for a 30 day Free trial, which is available now for the Raspberry Pi Zero, RPi1, RPi2, RPi3, RPi3A+, RPi3B+, RPi Compute Module 3, RPi Compute Module 1, Intel Small Form Factor devices such as the Intel NUC, Intel Compute Sticks, Gigabyte Brix, Re-Purpose PC or Laptop market, includes an easy to configure Octoblu Gateblu Internet of Things (IoT) Gateway.

Between our Major releases such as above, Citrix and VMware often release updated versions of Citrix Receiver and VMware Horizon Client. ThinLinX creates updates which we call Hotfixes that allow our customers to install the latest Citrix Receiver, VMware Horizon clients, RDP clients and additional features from time to time.

Dual screen capability is available via TLXOS for Intel Small Form Factor Devices and our x86 Re-Purpose PC & Laptop solution.

A YouTube demo of the Dual Screen ThinLinX RPi solution is available below, this utilizes a US$5 or US$10 RPi Zero for the second display, this is available as a Hotfix now but unfortunately can not be released without Citrix’s permission as we use a single Citrix binary and a single Citrix .so library to provide the Citrix HDX Dual Display support. The RPi Zero boots and is powered over a single USB OTG cable which can be purchased anywhere for a few dollars. ThinLinX does not charge any extra for our Hotfixes, if you would like to see this fantastic ultra low cost Citrix Dual Display option for TLXOS available please contact Citrix and let them know that you want this low cost solution.

ThinLinX has decided not to develop the hardware RPi Dual screen solution mentioned in the Video below, we only intend to supply the free Software Hotfix which installs the necessary components in about 30 seconds. When and if this becomes available will depend on Citrix giving permission to ThinLinX to redistribute their components



TLXOS Quick Start Guide

TLXOS User Guide

ThinLinX Management Software User Guide


YouTube ThinLinX Operating System (TLXOS) Howto Install TLXOS & Configure Citrix HDX Part One

YouTube ThinLinX Operating System (TLXOS) Howto Install TLXOS & Configure Citrix HDX Part Two