TMS – ThinLinX Management Software

One or Thousands of Thin Clients / Digital Signage devices can be managed and updated from one central location using the ThinLinX Management Software (TMS) which is available at no cost with any TLXOS License. All configuration information is stored locally on each Thin Client, there is no requirement for a Database, the Thin Clients are managed via a secure SSL connection between the client and the PC running TMS. Thin Clients can be configured with the IP Address or Hostname of the system running TMS before shipping to any location in the World. The port number used for the SSL connection is also configurable allowing the Thin Clients to be visible and managed via TMS even when situated behind multiple Firewalls. TMS is available for Windows and is integrated into every version of TLXOS, you can install TLXOS onto any of our supported devices and then switch the Protocol to TMS. Even a RaspberryPi is an excellent TMS platform

Key Features
  • Free with any ThinLinX TLXOS™ License, runs on Windows and is also integrated into TLXOS
  • The SSL connection between the client and TMS allows management and firmware updates even behind NAT and Firewalled networks
  • Failover configuration support on all end points with TLXConfig™ or DSConfig™
  • Automatic firmware update tool, optional automated deployment scheme
  • Supports policy and template driven group deployments
  • Fast simple install with no database dependencies, ability to scale up to 10,000 devices from one TMS instance
  • One interface provides Licensing, Auditing and Administration management
  • Common and Advanced administrative features allow simple or advanced granular end point tunes

ThinLinx is one of the world's premier suppliers of Thin Client and Digital Signage Software solutions. The ThinLinX Operating System (TLXOS) is a perfect fit for Schools, Universities, SME, Government and large Enterprises

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