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Tuesday October 16 2019

TLXOS 4.7.1 released for Raspberry Pi (also RPi4 Dual Display), RePurpose PC and Laptops and Intel Small Form Factor devices

Bug fixes and enhancements are

General issues:
KeyboardSync must be Off by default in ICAClient/config/module.ini; use (User Profile) rather than (Server Default) as default setting

RPi and IoT try to launch chromium rather than chromium-browser in dsi script

used TMPFILE instead of $TMPFILE in storage_detect

used nic_wireless_security instead of nic_security in tlxinit

RePC missing mount.ntfs wrapper

forgot to remove pr3287 and x3270 from /usr/local/bin on RePC

wpa-*client-cert, wpa-*private-key and wpa-*ca-cert incorrectly using underscores in tlxinit

incorrect variable names used for privkey, pubkey and cacert for 802.1X/WPA2 Enterprise with certificates

4.19 kernel needs “i915.enable_fbc=0” to avoid graphics artifacts on Gemini Lake systems (ISFF only)

rdp treats “–help” as a hostname

RPi kernel needs hwmon drivers for PoE HAT

ISFF kernel needs igb NIC driver (for Chaco Canyon)

removing “.ica” files after use causes unwanted popup; use /etc/persist/exclusions to avoid saving them instead

pxe-server must share root filesystem read-write because Reiser4 cannot cope with truly read-only devices

Pi 4 may be unable to boot with dual monitors, and locks up dragging windows when not using KMS (needs newer Broadcom firmware)

tms_client and Tlxconfig issues:

must use “-md MD5” when decrypting with openssl in misc.c:decrypt_firmware() due to default digest change in OpenSSL 1.1

incorrect variable names used for privkey, pubkey and cacert for 802.1X/WPA2 Enterprise with certificates

Pi 4 serial number format has changed in new firmware, requires backward compatibility workarounds

install_wallpaper() and install_bookmarks() can create unreadable files with 000 permissions

dsi_validate_settings() and dsi_sync_dir() should should abort if current mode is not DSI (Tlxconfig)

decrypt_firmware() uses err_handler() instead of progress_handler(), and potential division by zero bug

remove “revoke” license action from Tlxconfig

TLS encryption overheads cause very slow downloads; tms_client should use larger transaction size where possible (fix requires TMS >= 8.2.0)

TFM issues:

TFM lacks support for 802.1X with certificates

incorrect variable names used for privkey, pubkey and cacert for 802.1X/WPA2 Enterprise with certificates

mustn’t assume that NVMe storage has no sysfs attributes or that it will respond to scsi_id probes (ISFF and RePC only)

The TLXOS 4.7.1 release includes the following upgrades:

VMware Horizon Client 5.2.0, with lightweight client except on TLXOS RPi (which uses legacy client because lightweight client is still too buggy)

Citrix Workspace App 1908

tms_client 8.1.1

Tuesday October 1st 2019

ThinLinX will be releasing TLXOS Rock_Pi in November 2019, this supports the new Rock Pi 4, which is a powerful RK3399 based product with the same form factor as the very popular Raspberry Pi

See the specifications at

Tuesday October 1st 2019

ThinLinX will be releasing TLXOS 4.7.1 in the next few weeks, based on customer feedback this has a number of improvements, enhancements, the latest Remote Desktop clients and bug fixes

Friday August 9th 2019

ThinLinX has just released TLXOS 4.7.0 for Re-Purposing Laptops and PC’s as powerful Thin Clients and Digital Signage devices

Wednesday August 7th 2019

ThinLinX has just released TLXOS 4.7.0 optimised for Intel Small Form Factor Devices such as the Intel NUC range and clones, basically anything with a recent Intel chipset

Tuesday August 6th 2019

ThinLinX has just released TLXOS 4.7.0 for the Raspberry Pi4 (Dual Screen Support), RPi3 and RPi2

Within the next 48 hours we will be releasing TLXOS 4.7.0 optimised for Intel Small Form Factor Devices such as the Intel NUC range and clones, basically anything with a recent Intel chipset

We are also releasing TLXOS 4.7.0 RePC for repurposing Laptops and PC’s as Thin Clients

TLXOS 4.7.0 supports Digital signage with Dual Displays on most hardware including the RPi4

Play Video, Images or a Website on one or more displays

The RPi4 is perfect for back to back displays as seen in shopping centres globally

TLXOS 4.7.0 also supports IoT

Friday July 19th 2019

By the end of July ThinLinX will be releasing TLXOS 4.7.0 with support for the RPi2, RPi3 and the NEW Dual Screen high performance Raspberry Pi4

This release supports Dual Screen VMware Horizon Blast, Dual Screen Citrix HDX on the RPi4, both options deliver high performance. Shortly after TLXOS 4.7.0 is made available, we will be providing a Hotfix that provides Single Display RDP/RemoteFX support on the RPi3 and RPi4. We anticipate that our RDP/RemoteFX solution on the RPi4 will eventually support Dual 4K H265 Displays.

We are also anticipating that VMware and Citrix to will eventually support Dual 4K H265 Displays on the RPi4 which we will integrate into TLXOS

The Raspberry Pi 4 is a complete game changer in the Thin Client and Digital Signage space, it excels as a Thin Client and Digital Signage device as well in may other areas including IoT

TLXOS continues to be enhanced with each release, we will be offering Smart Card / Single Sign on support in the near future

Thursday May 2nd 2019

ThinLinX has just released TLXOS 4.6.1 for all our supported devices, this release contains the latest VMware Horizon 5.0.0, Citrix Receiver, FreeRDP 2.0.0, new features and bugfixes. Download it now from the Download Tab on this website or upgrade using TMS

Sunday March 17th 2019

ThinLinX has just released TMS 8.1.0 which has many new features including the ability to “Revoke” a License from any TLXOS device or any failed TLXOS device showing as Offline on TMS.

Our customers can now reuse a License from an old device of the same class or from a failed device of the same class. This is perfect for our customers with old Raspberry Pi2 devices who want to upgrade to a new Raspberry Pi3B+

TMS 8.1.0 is available for Windows, also Debian or RedHat /Centos Linux. TMS now supports wired 802.1x Password or Certificate,  and all standard WiFi protocols including Wireless WPA2 Personal, WPA2 Enterprise (password), WPA2 Enterprise (Certificate)

TMS client version 8.0.5 was also released today, this has various bug fixes and improvements, download using the TMS Download Icon and then install by using TMS -> Device -> Update -> Upgrade TMS client

A Beta version of our Mac OS X version of TMS is available for testing

Friday February 1st 2019

ThinLinX will be releasing our new upgraded TMS 8.1.0 in the next few weeks this update has been under development for the last 5 months, we think you will love it

TLXOS 4.6.1 will be released in the next few weeks with bugfixes for any reported bugs

Thursday January 24th 2019

ThinLinX has just released TLXOS 4.6.0 for the entire Raspberry Pi range, Intel Small Form Factor devices and Re-purpose PC & Laptops

Many new features, bug fixes, Diskless booting, 802.1X support, ability to revoke Licenses from failed hardware for reuse, latest Citrix HDX and VMware Horizon clients, new FreeRDP 2.0 release, updated tms client end, updated Tlxconfig local configuration menu allows Licensing direct from the device without using TMS. Install CA certificates, ssh keys, wallpaper, Certificate bundles, Printer PPD files all from the local configuration menu


Monday January 7th 2019

ThinLinX will be releasing TLXOS 4.6.0 within a few weeks, this is undergoing final testing now. Many new features including Diskless booting on the RPi3B+, boot up to 30 RPi3B+ from one RPi fitted with a 16GB SD Card. Each Diskless RPi3B+ is allocated 500MB of storage on the PXE Server RPi. A RPi 3B+ with a 32GB SD Card may be capable of serving up to 60 Diskless RPI3B+

Diskless booting is also available on the Intel & Re-PC version of TLXOS

TMS 8.1.0 with new features will be released within a month, watch this space for all release announcements


Friday November 16th

ThinLinX has just released a new improved RDP client which delivers similar performance to Citrix HDX and VMware Horizon, capable of playing full-screen YouTube or Video files as well as standard Microsoft or Linux Apps

Available now as a “Hotfix” for TLXOS 4.5.0 supporting the Raspberry Pi, Re-Purpose PC or Laptops and our Intel Small Form Factor release

To install using the ThinLinX Management Software (TMS), select  Download, select the Hotfixes for your TLXOS devices, this will download the Hotfixes to TMS. Highlight the devices to be upgraded on TMS, then select Device -> Install -> Install Hotfix, the installation is completed in less than a minute, reboot the upgraded devices to permanently save the new RDP client to local storage

Wednesday September 19th 2018

In addition to our Software versions of TLXOS, ThinLinX will soon be offering a Citrix only Rapberry Pi based Dual Screen turn key Hardware solution for US$99 + Freight & taxes. A Licensed version of TLXOS is included which supports Citrix HDX only including the new RTME for the RPi  (Skype for Business)

Please email for further information

A YouTube demo of the Dual Screen ThinLinX RPi solution is available below



Saturday September 1st 2018

TMS 8.0.1 was released today for Windows and Linux, this version is primarily a bug fix that we recommend you switch to. If you are using an older version of TLXOS such as TLXOS 4.4.0 for RePC please use your current version of TMS to update the TLXOS integrated TMS client end to the latest TMS client 8.0.2 before upgrading TMS to version 8.0.1

TMS version 8.1.0 is still under development and will include new features including 802.1x support, the anticipated release date is Q4 2018

TLXOS 4.6.0 is under development and expected to be released in the next month. Apart from bug-fixes and new features, TLXOS 4.6.0 will contain a much improved RDP / RemoteFX client that delivers full screen Video even on the Raspberry Pi3. The performance compares favorably to Citrix HDX & VMware Horizon

Saturday May 5th 2018

TLXOS 4.5.0 is now available for the Raspberry Pi 2, RPi3, and the new RPi3 B+ model. This version is available for installation via a downloadable SD card creator image, via a TMS Firmware upgrade or via the NOOBS boot loader.

To easily upgrade your RPi TLXOS 4.4.0 version to TLXOS 4.5.0 just use the TMS download Icon to download the new 4.5.0 firmware image to TMS, simply select the RPi’s to be upgraded on TMS, click on the TMS Upgrade Icon. The selected RPi’s will independently download the new Firmware image from TMS then write the image to the SD Card. After the Upgrade is complete the RPi’s will reboot running TLXOS 4.5.0 with all your configuration information preserved

Monday April 9th 2018

TLXOS 4.5.0 will be released in the next few weeks, this contains support for the new Raspberry Pi 3B+ and the new Intel NUC7CJYH, NUC7PJYH, additional SD Card drivers were also added for the NUC6 series

We recommend the NUC7CJYH as the best price performance Intel NUC when booted from a low cost SD Card

Friday January 26th 2018

The latest version of TLXOS is 4.4.0, ThinLinX is planning a new release TLXOS 4.5.0 for the Raspberry Pi, Intel Small Form Factor Devices such as Intel NUC’s, and Re-Purpose PC & Laptops

Between our Major releases such as above, Citrix and VMware often release updated versions of Citrix Receiver and VMware Horizon Client. ThinLinX creates updates which we call Hotfixes that allow our customers to install the latest Citrix Receiver & VMware Horizon clients. Hotfixes are also created to update the TMS client which runs inside of TLXOS, this enables us to release new versions of the TMS Client that add the extra capabilities provided in the new versions of TMS

ThinLinX has just released new Hotfixes for Citrix Receiver 13.7 for the Raspberry Pi, Citrix Receiver 13.8 for the Intel Small Form Factor devices and Re-Purpose PC. ThinLinX has also just released new VMware Horizon 4.7 client Hotfixes for the Raspberry Pi, Intel Small Form Factor and Re-Purpose PC

The performance delivered by these new updates is exceptional, with our customers able to choose between Citrix and VMware infrastructure by simply selecting Citrix HDX or VMware Horizon as the Protocol choice in TLXOS

Dual screen capability is available via TLXOS for Intel Small Form Factor Devices and our Re-Purpose PC & Laptop solution. Dual screen is coming to the Raspberry Pi via our Raspberry Pi Zero Citrix only option. A US$5 Raspberry Pi Zero or a US$10 Raspberry Pi Zero may be used for this Dual screen option. In other news we will soon be offering Citrix RTME for the Raspberry Pi

Thursday November 16th 2017

We have today released the brand new totally rewritten ThinLinX Management Software version 8.0.0 and matching rewritten TLXOS TMS client 8.0.0. The new TMS client includes a totally rewritten local TLXOS configuration menu (Tlxconfig)

Download the new TMS here

After downloading and installing the new TMS, you must use the TMS Download Icon choice to download the matching TLXOS TMS Client 8.0.0, you then install the new TMS Client using TMS -> Device -> Upgrade -> Upgrade TMS Client

TMS 8.0.0 is based on the large amount of customer feedback we have received over the last few years, there are many new features including a custom built in database, allowing for much higher scalability, shows offline TLXOS devices, you can now save a existing configuration and then load that configuration on any selected TLXOS devices of any type. Device Discovery is now easier with Discovery options including, UDP Broadcast, DHCP Option Flags, Static IP Assignment and DNS CNAME discovery

Download the new TMS User Guide here


Thursday September the 14th 2017

(1) We have had many suggestions for enhancements to the ThinLinX Management Console (TMS), our current priorities are higher scalability, clone an existing device’s configuration and push that configuration to all selected devices, remove the device check boxes and replace with highlighting of devices, 802.1x Authentication and various tweaks.

TMS is available for Windows & Linux, and also integrated into the TLXADM Virtual Appliance, this also acts as a Remote Desktop Shadow system for remote Administration of any device running TLXOS. You can connect to TLXADM via Citrix HDX or RDP

Click here to email ThinLinX Sales for TLXADM Download Information

(2) TLXOS news – Smart Card support coming soon via YubiKey and Imprivata for Citrix HDX & VMware Horizon

(3) Citrix news – ThinLinX will be releasing a Raspberry Pi Hotfix integrating the Citrix RTME (Skype for Business) into TLXOS, this will allow the installation of the RPi RTME in seconds to any selected RPi devices

We are waiting for Citrix to release their part of the Dual Screen RPi support which uses a RPi Zero to provide the second display, we feel this is a better option than using a USB DisplayLink Adapter. Our Solution will work with either a US$5 RPi Zero or the US$10 RPi Zero which has WiFi & Bluetooth.

Click here to see Citrix Dual Screen Demo

(4) VMware news – ThinLinX will be releasing a RPi VMware Blast Extreme Hotfix in the next few weeks, this Hotfix provides the new VMware H.264 decoder version of the Horizon Client.

Both the VMware Horizon Hotfix and the Citrix RTME Hotfixes will be integrated into the next release of TLXOS.

Hotfix installation is easy, just click on the TMS Download Icon, select the Hotfix that you want to download, click on OK. Then select all the TLXOS devices that you want to install the Hotfix on, then select TMS -> Tools -> Install -> Install Hotfix

(5) Build your own powerful Thin Client using a US$35 Raspberry Pi3, Recycle Old PC’s and Laptops, or buy any Intel Small Form factor device, install the low cost TLXOS to convert these devices into powerful Thin Clients, Digital Signage or IoT Gateways. A US$10 Raspberry Pi Zero is a perfect device for an Octoblu Internet of Things Gateblu Gateway, or for Digital Signage.

Don’t pay US$120 for a Raspberry Pi3 based Thin Client when you can easily build your own for less than half the cost