Please check here from time to time for the latest ThinLinX News including TLXOS & TMS release information

Thursday November 16th 2017

We have today released the brand new totally rewritten ThinLinX Management Software version 8.0.0 and matching rewritten TLXOS TMS client 8.0.0. The new TMS client includes a totally rewritten local TLXOS configuration menu (Tlxconfig)

Download the new TMS here

After downloading and installing the new TMS, you must use the TMS Download Icon choice to download the matching TLXOS TMS Client 8.0.0, you then install the new TMS Client using TMS -> Device -> Upgrade -> Upgrade TMS Client

TMS 8.0.0 is based on the large amount of customer feedback we have received over the last few years, there are many new features including a custom built in database, allowing for much higher scalability, shows offline TLXOS devices, you can now save a existing configuration and then load that configuration on any selected TLXOS devices of any type. Device Discovery is now easier with Discovery options including, UDP Broadcast, DHCP Option Flags, Static IP Assignment and DNS CNAME discovery

Download the new TMS User Guide here


Thursday September the 14th 2017

(1) We have had many suggestions for enhancements to the ThinLinX Management Console (TMS), our current priorities are higher scalability, clone an existing device’s configuration and push that configuration to all selected devices, remove the device check boxes and replace with highlighting of devices, 802.1x Authentication and various tweaks.

TMS is available for Windows & Linux, and also integrated into the TLXADM Virtual Appliance, this also acts as a Remote Desktop Shadow system for remote Administration of any device running TLXOS. You can connect to TLXADM via Citrix HDX or RDP

Click here to email ThinLinX Sales for TLXADM Download Information

(2) TLXOS news – Smart Card support coming soon via YubiKey and Imprivata for Citrix HDX & VMware Horizon

(3) Citrix news – ThinLinX will be releasing a Raspberry Pi Hotfix integrating the Citrix RTME (Skype for Business) into TLXOS, this will allow the installation of the RPi RTME in seconds to any selected RPi devices

We are waiting for Citrix to release their part of the Dual Screen RPi support which uses a RPi Zero to provide the second display, we feel this is a better option than using a USB DisplayLink Adapter. Our Solution will work with either a US$5 RPi Zero or the US$10 RPi Zero which has WiFi & Bluetooth.

Click here to see Citrix Dual Screen Demo

(4) VMware news – ThinLinX will be releasing a RPi VMware Blast Extreme Hotfix in the next few weeks, this Hotfix provides the new VMware H.264 decoder version of the Horizon Client.

Both the VMware Horizon Hotfix and the Citrix RTME Hotfixes will be integrated into the next release of TLXOS.

Hotfix installation is easy, just click on the TMS Download Icon, select the Hotfix that you want to download, click on OK. Then select all the TLXOS devices that you want to install the Hotfix on, then select TMS -> Tools -> Install -> Install Hotfix

(5) Build your own powerful Thin Client using a US$35 Raspberry Pi3, Recycle Old PC’s and Laptops, or buy any Intel Small Form factor device, install the low cost TLXOS to convert these devices into powerful Thin Clients, Digital Signage or IoT Gateways. A US$10 Raspberry Pi Zero is a perfect device for an Octoblu Internet of Things Gateblu Gateway, or for Digital Signage.

Don’t pay US$120 for a Raspberry Pi3 based Thin Client when you can easily build your own for less than half the cost