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ThinLinX Management Software (TMS) md5 sum Release date
ThinLinX Management Software 7.9.3 for Windows 4b01d95cd5a217530491e733364d3f1b March 18, 2017
ThinLinX Management Software 7.9.3 for Ubuntu Linux 0700ec636ec592b1aac4c270b8207a19 March 18, 2017
ThinLinX Management Software 7.9.3 for CentOS Linux 17657b3ec1a4ef6616b24cfd1b82f374 March 18, 2017

TLXOS Installer for Intel Small Form Factor - H.264 decode md5 sum Release date
TLXOS Intel Small Form Factor USB Stick Installer 4a4db40a8516b26054bf7543d5b0237c June 21, 2017

TLXOS Generic X86 Installer for RePC md5 sum Release date
TLXOS Generic X86 RePC USB Stick Installer 39e321b42d1611a2967c9e237d3489cf April 10, 2017
TLXOS Generic X86 RePC Installer CD ISO Version 69743079d0254cc25f46ece7c9160b2a April 10, 2017

TLXOS Installer for Raspberry Pi - H.264 decode md5 sum Release date
TLXOS Raspberry Pi SD Card Installer 8c97a86d0eb97b38f81100b9a874a212 March 18, 2017

Installation Guides Description Release date
ThinLinX Operating System ThinLinX Operating System Installation & User Guide April 20, 2017
ThinLinX Management Software ThinLinX Management Software User Guide March 18, 2017
Online Store Description Availablity
Create an Account & Buy TLXOS Licenses Here ThinLinX Online Store Now
Check TLXOS License Usage You can check your Licensed Device information here Now
  • Download and install TLXOS for the Intel NUCs, Compute Sticks, RePC and RPi3 from the links above, includes automated Registration for a 60 Day Free trial
  • To convert the trial to a full License, Buy license(s) and create your account at ThinLinX's store.
  • Download and install the ThinLinX Management Software (TMS) Included Free when used with any device running TLXOS.
  • After your trial, Register your product(s) using TMS and your ThinLinX's store account username / password.

ThinLinx is one of the world's premier suppliers of Thin Client and Digital Signage Software solutions. The ThinLinX Operating System (TLXOS) is a perfect fit for Schools, Universities, SME, Government and large Enterprises

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