Download TLXOS installers & the ThinLinX Management Console (TMS) from one the the Five Mirror Sites below

TLXOS includes a built in 30 Day Free Trial which automatically Registers the TLXOS device as a 30 Day Free Trial during the first TLXOS boot up. You must be connected to the Internet for the Free Trial to Register with the ThinLinX License Server

You may buy a License either during the trial or after the trial expires, you then use TMS -> Device -> Install -> Install License to License your TLXOS device.

Build your own powerful Thin Client using a US$35 Raspberry Pi3, Recycle Old PC’s and Laptops, or buy any Intel Small Form factor device, install the low cost TLXOS to convert these devices into powerful Thin Clients, Digital Signage or IoT Gateways. A US$10 Raspberry Pi Zero is a perfect device for an Octoblu Internet of Things Gateblu Gateway, or for Digital Signage.

Don’t pay US$120 for a Raspberry Pi3 based Thin Client when you can easily build your own for less than half the cost


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