•  Click here to Buy TLXOS NUC for US$15 Intel Small Form Factor devices

•  Click here to Buy TLXOS RePC for US$15 to RePurpose PC’s and Laptops

•  Click here to Buy TLXOS RPi for US$10 Raspberry Pi2, RPi3, RPi3 B+ and Compute Module 3

•  Click here Buy TLXOS IoT for US$5 RPi Zero, RPi Zero W, RPi one and Compute Module one


ThinLinX recommends that you try our 30 Day Free trial before you purchase a License to ensure that TLXOS meets all your needs. The 30 Day Free trial License is automatically installed on installation of TLXOS, you must have a DHCP Server with DNS information on your Network and be connected to the Internet to allow the Trial License to be downloaded from the ThinLinX License Server

Please ensure that you download and install the FREE ThinLinX Management Software (TMS) as it is required to apply the purchased License. TMS is a FREE Download available by clicking on the Download Tab above.

See TMS Licensing YouTube demo below



Dual screen capability is available via TLXOS for Intel Small Form Factor Devices and our x86 Re-Purpose PC & Laptop solution.

A YouTube demo of the Dual Screen ThinLinX RPi solution is available below, this utilizes a US$5 or US$10 RPi Zero for the second display, this is available as a Hotfix now but unfortunately can not be released without Citrix’s permission as we use a single Citrix binary and a single Citrix .so library to provide the Citrix HDX Dual Display support. The RPi Zero boots and is powered over a single USB OTG cable which can be purchased anywhere for a few dollars. ThinLinX does not charge any extra for our Hotfixes, if you would like to see this fantastic ultra low cost Citrix Dual Display option for TLXOS available please contact Citrix and let them know that you want this low cost solution.

ThinLinX has decided not to develop the hardware RPi Dual screen solution mentioned in the Video below, we only intend to supply the free Software Hotfix which installs the necessary components in about 30 seconds. When and if this becomes available will depend on Citrix giving permission to ThinLinX to redistribute their components




TLXOS is a small downloadable Thin Client / Digital Signage / IoT Operating System which is highly optimised for Intel NUC’s, Intel Compute Stick’s, Raspberry Pi’s and also used to Re-Purpose PC’s and Laptop’s. In the case of the Raspberry Pi, to install TLXOS you can boot from a NOOBS SD Card, select TLXOS and click on install. Alternatively you can download our RPi installer to a Windows PC to create a SD Card image, insert a SD Card into a USB to SD Card Reader on your PC, double click on the downloaded installer image, this will write TLXOS to the SD Card. Multiple TLXOS SD Cards can be created in this fashion for Raspberry Pi’s installation

See YouTube demo below explaining how to create a SD Card version of TLXOS for the Raspberry Pi 3B+ using the ThinLinX SD Card solution



Creating a TLXOS USB Stick installer which is used for Intel based devices and Re-Purpose PC or Laptops is identical to the above demo with the only difference being that a different TLXOS installer image is downloaded and then the image is written to a USB Stick instead of an SD Card

For Intel NUC’s and RePC download the installer image to a PC or Laptop running Windows, insert a 2GB or larger USB stick, double click on the downloaded installer, this will write TLXOS to the USB stick. Unplug the newly created TLXOS installer USB stick, insert into your Device and select boot from USB, this will run the ThinLinX TLXOS installer and write TLXOS to the Device Storage. Reboot and your Device is now a Thin Client, IoT or Digital Signage Device.

Mass Intel Small Form Factor installations or Re-purpose PC / Laptops installations can be carried out using our PXE Boot provisioning mode, alternatively you can PXE boot devices without any onboard storage by selecting Diskless mode. See the TMS & TLXOS User guides for information on configuring PXE Boot Server mode.

One or Thousands of Thin Clients / Digital Signage devices can be managed and updated from one central location using the ThinLinX Management Software (TMS) which is available at no cost with any TLXOS License. All configuration information is stored locally on each Thin Client, there is no requirement for a Database, the Thin Clients are managed via a secure SSL connection between the client and the PC running TMS. Thin Clients can be configured with the IP Address or Hostname of the system running TMS before shipping to any location in the World. The port number used for the SSL connection is also configurable allowing the Thin Clients to be visible and managed via TMS even when situated behind multiple Firewalls.

To visit the ThinLinX online store click on one of the links above, you can Register your Email Address, a Password and your details with the Store, then purchase a TLXOS License using Paypal or make a Credit Card payment via Paypal. For large orders, quantity Discounts and other payment methods such as Purchase Order and payment via wire transfer are available.



TLXOS Quick Start Guide

TLXOS User Guide

ThinLinX Management Software User Guide


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